8 Sept 2017

The house of a Thousand lakes aka The Müritzeum

The house of a Thousand lakes aka the muritzeum in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

From the Queens of German beer in Detmold I made my way to Waren in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, This Bundesland in the North East of Germany is located by the Baltic sea and it's known for its many lakes and forests.

I paid a visit to the Müritzeum and learned about the wildlife in the region in a fun way. Feel free to watch my Hypertour video about it below.

After my museum visit I explored the picturesque town of Waren and from there I made my way around the Müritz lake direction the Havelberge camping where I'd be staying in the middle of nature.

Perfect for recharging the batteries after an intense first week of tackling Destination Challenges around Germany.

Hypertour around Waren

Hypertour of my cabin in the woods at the Havelberge Camping

Relax, unwind and book a stay here as well ;-)

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