7 Sept 2017

The Queens of German beer live in Detmold and I got to meet them!

Women in charge at Strate brewery in detmold

I had the warmest welcome possible from the wonderful ladies running the Strate brewery in Detmold. They gave me a magical tour in a brewery that looks a bit like a fairy tale castle! The beer here is brewed with lots of love and dedication. ๐Ÿบ❤️

I learned that the entire brewery is situated BELOW the ground and that the beautiful building above the ground is where the original brewery was. When I was visiting the ladies were building a beer lab in this beer castle where they'll invite the greatest beer minds from around the world to learn and brew with each other.

But that's not all! This hyper modern beer Valhalla will be open to guests for dining and beering. The beer is literally brewing below their feet.

They didn't stop surprising me because they then showed me their shop where they have all kinds of beer related products. Beer soap, beer cake, beer holders, beer shirts, beer snacks,...

I absolutely love their creative approach to beer :-)

Find out below how my day went

From there I went to a bar in the heart of Detmold where I had some more tasting with beer somelier

Detmolder beer from Strate brewery

Beer tasting in the heart of Detmold

Captain beer at your service at Strate brewery

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