5 Sept 2017

Visiting Zunft Kölsch brewery Bielstein in Das Bergische Land

The Zunft Kölsch brewery Bielstein in Das Bergische Land

What Altbier is for the Düsseldorf area is what Kölsch beer is for the Cologne area! 

For my second Destination Challenge in the North Rhein-Westphalia region I had to find an all above the ground Kölsch brewery in the middle of nature! 

It didn't take long for my friends and followers on social media to figure out that the place to be for me was the Bielstein brewery in Das Bergische Land which is known for its Zunft Kölsch beer. 

Kölsch is like Altbier a top fermented beer with a crisp and dry after taste and it's linked to the region just like for example Champagne is linked to the region where it's produced. 

I have to say that Kölsch is really a refreshing beer that goes down very easy. ;-)

Below my beer report of the day :-)

Found the #Zunft Kölsch beer at the #Erzquell brewery in das #BergischesLand nature park. It's an oasis of beer in the middle of nature at a stone throw of #Cologne. 🌳🍻 The brewery has been there since 1900 and they are one of the 2 breweries outside of Cologne that can brew the famous #Kölsch. #DidYouKnow that Kölsch is a name brand linked to a place just like Champagne and Tequila. I had no idea... I also learned that it's a top fermented beer like #AltBier but it should not be confused with it which I did earlier today. 😁 #FunFact: There's a friendly rivalry between the Kölsch from the Cologne area and the Alt Bier from the #Dusseldorf area. I enjoyed drinking them both though. 😉 #CheersToTheWorld from #DeinNRW! 🍻 #NRWChallenge with @DeinNRW #GermanyChallenge with @GermanyTourism #DestinationChallenges #GermanyTourism
Een bericht gedeeld door Bjorn Troch (@thesocialtraveler) op

Bielstein brewery BEFORE

Bielstein brewery AFTER :-)

Zunft Kölsch brewery Bielstein goodbye gift
I got a lovely goodbye gift :-D
Practical info

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