4 Sept 2017

Visiting Bolten, the oldest Altbier brewery in the world

Bolten alt beer brewery in Germany

'Find the oldest Altbier brewery in the world'! That was my first mission on my Destination Challenges road trip adventure around Germany.

As usual I got the answer fast from my awesome friends and followers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! They pointed me in the direction of Altbier brewery 'Bolten' in Korschenbroich.

Roos, my van, and I hit the road direction North Rhein-Westphalia!

Read all about what happened next below...

Destination Challenges handover in NRW

Let me help you with that question. Alt bier is typical for the Düsseldorf region and got its name because it's a top fermented beer. The brewery goes back all the way to 1266! Talking about a brewery with a history. 

Later that eve I went to a traditional Schützenfest aka the local fair, where I enjoyed the lively atmosphere of the flashy rides and had some alt biers with new found friends. :-)

Schützenfest Neuss NRW attraction

Schützenfest Neuss NRW Trippen

Making friends in Neuss, NRW
Big thanks to Michael & Bernd for the good times and many laughs :-)

Schützenfest Neuss NRW altbier beers
Cheers to the world from Neuss ;-)

Practical info

Brewery Bolten Website & address: Rheydter Str. 138, 41352 Korschenbroich, Germany
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