8 Jan 2018

Beers around the world!

a beer at Usma lake in Latvia

As a Belgian I'm a big fan of beer and on my adventures around the world tackling 'Destination Challenges' I started to take these photos as a tribute to my love for beer.

Are you a beer lover as well? Share a 'Cheers to the World' type of photo with us in the comments below ;-)

a beer at Rostiger Nagel in Lausitzer Seenland
Cheers from the 'Rostiger Nagel' in Lusatian Lakeland, Germany

a Barena beer at the beach of tiger island in Honduras
Cheers from Tiger Island aka Isla del Tigre in Honduras

cheers to beers from Odsherred in Denmark
Cheers from Odsherred, in Denmark

whiskey infused beer from Strate brewery in Detmold, Germany
Cheers from brewery Strate in Detmold, in Germany

Cheers to Detmolder beer at Strate brewery in Detmold, Germany
Cheers from Strate brewery in Detmold in Germany

Schlappeseppel beer in Aschaffenburg Germany
Cheers from Aschaffenburg, Germany

Eschweger Klosterbrau beer from Bad Sooden-Allendorf in Germany
Cheers from Bad Sooden-Allendorf, Germany

a beer at La Paz beach in Baja California, Mexico
Cheers from La Paz beach in Baja California, Mexico

a Maisel's weisse in Berlin, Germany
Cheers from Berlin, Germany

a beer at the poblet monastery in Catalonia, Spain
Cheers from Poblet in Catalonia, Spain

Cheers to beers at Montserrat in Catalonia, Spain
Cheers from Montserrat in Catalonia, Spain

Cornet beer in Dendermonde, Belgium
Cheers from Dendermonde, Belgium

Halsnaes Bryghus beer in Hundested, Denmark
Cheers from Hundested, Denmark

a beer at Laeso island in Denmark
Cheers from Laeso Island, Denmark 

Brugse tripel at Bierboom in Lebbeke, Belgium
Cheers from my home town Lebbeke, Belgium

Vedett at the beach in melle, Belgium
Cheers from Melle beach, Belgium

Victoria beer at the beach in playa del carmen, Mexico
Cheers from Playa del Carmen in Yucatan, Mexico

a bolten altbier at Bolten brewery in NRW, Germany
Cheers from Bolten brewery in NRW, Germany

Detmolder landbier at Strate Brewery in Detmold, Germany
Cheers from the Strate brewery in Detmold, NRW, Germany

Zunft kolsch brewery erzquell brauerei bielstein in NRW Germany
Cheers from the Bielstein brewery in das Bergische land, NRW, Germany

Rex pils in Dutch quarter of Potsdam, Germany
Cheers from the Dutch Quarter of Potsdam in Brandenburg, Germany

Grimbergen beer at Centraal station in Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Cheers from Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Cheers from the Witte de With street in Rotterdam, The Netherlands

a beer in the Julian Alps, Kranjska gora, Slovenia
Cheers from the Julian Alps, Slovenia

Union beer in Slovenia
Cheers from Slovenia

Celtia beer at Star wars planet tatouine, Mos Espa in Tunisia desert
Cheers from Star Wars planet Tatouine aka Mos Espa in Tunisia

Viez at Trier Christmas market in Germany
Cheers from the Christmas market in Trier, Germany

a beer in Sidi Bou Said in Tunisia
Cheers from Sidi Bou Said in Tunisia

A sunset beer in Victoria on Vancouver Island, Canada
Cheers from Victoria on Vancouver Island, Canada

Cornet Beer in Wieze Belgium
Cheers from Wieze aka The Capital of Chocolate in Belgium

IPA 395 beer in California hot spring, USA
Cheers from a California hotspring in the USA

Tournay beer in Tournai Belgium
Cheers from Tournai, Belgium

Stella Artois beer in the capital of beer Leuven
Cheers from the Oude Markt in Leuven, Belgium

For those who wonder how to pour the perfect beer? I learned the tricks of the trade from Marjolein Geuens, World Champion beer draughting 2014, whom I met while tackling Destination Challenges in Leuven.

Learn how it's done in the video below.

Cheers to YOU ;-)

Kwak beer in Dulle Griet Gent, Belgium

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