31 Dec 2017

2017 Photo Diary

2017 has been absolutely spectacular!

I got to experience many road trip adventures with new found friends, visited 13 countries on 3 continents, tackled 55 Destination challenges in 6 countries, found love in Belgium with Babette and shipped my 'other love' Rose :-) to Belgium so we can road trip around Europe in 2018.

For your viewing pleasure find my 2017 photo diary below ;-)

Wishing you much love and travel adventures for 2018!

END 2016 - Canada USA

January - USA & Mexico

February - Mexico & Honduras

March - Honduras, Mexico, Germany, Poland, Belgium 

May - Catalunya & Tunisia

June - Germany, Denmark, Belgium, Mexico

July - Mexico, Belgium, Slovenia, The Netherlands

August - Belgium 

September - Germany

October - Belgium, Italy 

November - UK, Belgium, Germany 

December - Belgium & Germany


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