3 Dec 2017

4 Christmas Markets to visit in Germany

Christmas markets to visit in Germany

I paid a visit to 4 Christmas markets in Germany. The Christmas markets of Freiburg, Baden-Baden, Saarbrücken and Trier. 

The cool thing about it was that they all had a different vibe and atmosphere...

Watch my Christmas markets in Germany recap video below ;-)

Christmas Markets in Germany

Freiburg Christmas market

My first stop on my Christmas markets tour in Germany was the cute Christmas market of Freiburg where I learned how to paint a christmas candle and caught up with some friends who happily showed me around and introduced me to white gluhwein, the region's speciality :-)

The Social Traveler at the Freiburg Christmas market

White gluhwein at Christmas market of Freiburg
White gluhwein with friends at the Christmas market of Freiburg!

Watch where you step in Freiburg or you might end up married
Watch where you step in Freiburg or you might end up married with a local ;-)

Christmas market in Freiburg street decoration

Christmas market candle painting workshop in Freiburg
Learned to paint some candles as part of my Destination Challenges in Freiburg

And this ladies and gentlemen is how you paint Christmas candles in Freiburg :-)

Mosaics in the street of Freiburg
You'll find these mosaics scattered across Freiburg.
They describe the business they're in front of.
Guess I'm in front of a bar here :-D

Baden-Baden Christmas market

Baden-Baden was my second stop on my Christmas Markets in Germany tour and let me tell you, the town is not only known for its spas and hot water springs but it also organizes a beautiful and especially tasty Christmas market. There are food stalls with meals from around the world and I of course had to do some tasting ;-)

Baden Baden Christmas market

Baden Baden Christmas Market Italian food stall
tried some delish italian ham

Christmas market donkey in Baden-Baden

Christmas market decoration in Baden-Baden

Christmas market decoration in Baden-Baden Germany

Nutcracker at the entrance of the Baden-Baden Christmas market
Loved this Nutcracker at the entrance of the Baden-Baden Christmas market

Christmas concert carols at the Christmas market of Baden-Baden
Christmas Carols done right!

Baden-Baden Christmas market atmosphere

Christmas market of Baden-Baden decoration stalls

Christmas decoration at Baden-Baden Christmas market

Watch my Baden Baden Christmas market video below to capture a glimps of the atmosphere ;-)

Saarbrücken Christmas market

Looking for a fun and spectacular Christmas market? Plan in a visit to Saarbrücken. You'll literally see Santa Claus flying over your head with his reindeer and sleigh! I absolutely loved this and the kids around me were in total awe and wonder. Not only that, I even got to meet Santa after he landed his sleigh. So so cool! Definitely one of the coolest stops on my Christmas Markets in Germany tour.

Santa Claus flying over the Saarbrücken Christmas Market
Santa Claus flying over Saarbrücken

Saarbrücken Santa Claus with The Social Traveler
HO HO HO and HELLO from Santa and I in Saarbrücken

The Saarbrücken Christmas market atmosphere

Saarbrücken Christmas market podium

Saarbrücken Christmas market atmosphere

Saarbrücken Christmas market gluhwein

So many laughs and Christmas cheers/drinks with these two :-)

Watch Santa Claus flying over the Saarbrücken Christmas market in the video below.

Trier Christmas market

The Trier Christmas market is absolutely one of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Germany. Make sure to try some of the local apple wine aka Viez and then just relax and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere. If that's not enough, you can pay a visit to the Roman gate, Porta Nigra with the original Santa :-)

Christmas market in Trier

Gluhviez at the Trier Christmas market
Try some Gluhviez! It's the local speciality

Trier Gluhviez at the Christmas market
Cheers from Trier ;-)

The beautiful Trier Christmas market
How beautiful is this?

Trier Christmas market atmosphere

Porta Nigra Roman gate in Trier from inside
The famous Porta Nigra 

Trier Christmas Market from Porta Nigra roman gate
Trier Christmas market as seen from the Porta Nigra

The original Santa in Trier at Porta Nigra
The original Santa! Saint Nicolas...
He showed me around the Porta Nigra and Trier

I had an absolute blast exploring Christmas markets in Germany and I look forward to discover some more Christmas market gems next year! 

Do you also enjoy a good Christmas market yourself? Let me know in the comments what you love about it or feel free to share some of your Christmas market stories, adventures :-)

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