29 Sept 2017

Goethe in Frankfurt

Goethe in Frankfurt

My final Destination Challenge in Germany transformed me into Goethe for a day and that was the start of a wonderful adventure around his hometown Frankfurt.

You probably know Goethe, as a passionate writer (and lover) :-). His most famous work would be FAUST. 😈

It was such a pleasure to follow into his footsteps from his birthplace 'The Goethe House' to places where he fell in love, got inspired and wrote. 

Let 'Goethe' show you around... 😉

Goethe in the old town of Frankfurt

My journey as Goethe started on the lovely main square of the Frankfurt old town. There I discovered that I had to find my way home. I reached out on Facebook & Instagram and it didn't take long to figure out that I had to make my way to the Goethe House.

Goethe at the old town of Frankfurt

Goethe House

Turns out they turned my home into a museum! So much fun visiting all the different rooms with so many different memories. The windows I escaped from to dive into the nights of Frankfurt, the library with so many inspiring books, my old room where I wrote my books standing up and of course the ball room that only opened up for special occasions.

Goethe House - Großer Hirschgraben 23-25, 60311 Frankfurt am Main

Goethe at his birth house aka Goethe House
Welcome to my humble abode

Goethe at his crib at Goethe House
My crib ;-)

Goethe at the ball room of the Goethe House
Ballroom mirror selfie. As you do.

To the Stadel museum!

Next I had to find on original painting of mine chilling in the countryside. So from my home I got picked up by a Velotaxi, a modern day charriot, which took me to the Stadel Museum.

Here's how I got form A to B with Velotaxi

Once I got to the museum it didn't take me very long to find my painting! It had a prominent place in one of the main exhibition halls which made me of course very proud.

Bridging time 

From the museum I went for a stroll along the river to find a boat that could take me to that very special place where I fell in love.

Iron bridge over the main river in Frankfurt
Wow Frankfurt! How you've changed.

Goethe on the iron bridge in modern day Frankfurt
Apparently the buildings behind me are called sky scrapers. I can see why!

Goethe on a boat on the Main river in Frankfurt
Full speed ahead!

The Gerbermühle

It's here that I found love again in the winter of my life, at age 65. I fell in love with the much younger Marianne von Willemer and she became my muse. A true love story alright!

Today it's a lovely restaurant where I tried my favorite dish 'Green sauce'! A typical Frankfurt meal. You should try it once ;-)

The Gerbermühle, Gerbermühlstraße 105, 60594 Frankfurt am Main

Goethe relaxing at the Gerbermühle in Frankfurt
Chilling like Goethe

Goethe on the Ich pedastle near the Gerbermühle in Frankfurt
Had to be done!

Goethe Tower

From the Gerbermuehle I went to check out a view tower right outside the city that was named after me. It really offers an amazing view over Frankfurt and it's surprisingly green around there.

Unfortunately I heard that the tower burned down only a few weeks after my visit. I truly hope they'll restore it to its original state.

Goethe Turm, Zum Goetheturm 1, 60599 Frankfurt am Main

The Goethe Turm in Frankfurt

Frankfurt skyline from the Goethe turn/tower
Such a stunning skyline. It's one of the only cities in Germany that has a skyline with sky scrapers btw.

Goethe downtown Frankfurt

My journey ended downtown Frankfurt where I went to visit the Goethe platz taking the Goethestrasse of course.

Man, am I famous here! ;-)

Goethe platz, 60313 Frankfurt am Main

Looking for Goethe Strasse
My own street name!!!

Depicting Faust on Goethe statue on Goethe platz
Recognize the book this depiction is from?

Goethe statue at Goethe Platz in Frankfurt

Practical info

I stayed at the Moxy Frankfurt East.

Here's my HYPERTOUR of the place.

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