28 Sept 2017

Steinau an der Strasse, home of the brothers Grimm

Brothers Grimm house in Steinau an der strasse in Spessart Germany

Once upon a time 'Roos' and I ended up in a cute little town called Steinau an der Strasse, home of the brothers Grimm.

Visiting the town is like entering the fairy tale world of the brothers Grimm. You'll find famous fairy tale characters everywhere you look and at almost every corner I got catapulted back to my childhood bedroom memories.

Truly a magical place!

Did you know that the brothers Grimm didn't write the stories themselves? They basically collected legends and stories that were told in different German villages and beyond. They did this because they were afraid that otherwise these stories would get lost over time. They were responsible though for shaping the stories in a consistent ways and coined phrases like 'Once upon a time' and 'They lived happily ever after'...

For my destination challenges in Steinau an der Strasse I played the Spessart Im Glueck discovery game. How it works is that you visit the following website (https://blog.spessart-tourismus.de/zufallsreise/) where you then generate your own fairy tale adventure.

Give it a try it's loads of fun :-)

For my Spessart im Glueck adventure I had to find minimum 6 items related to the 'Puss in Boots' fairy tale in Steinau an der Strasse.

Find out about my fairy tale adventure below...

Een bericht gedeeld door Bjorn Troch (@thesocialtraveler) op

Once upon a time in #Spessart... In 'Steinau an der strasse' to be exact. It's a little town not too far away from Frankfurt which is the home of probably the most famous brothers in the world, The brothers Grimm... I managed to collect 8 'Puss in boots' related items on my #SpessartImGlueck mission and while exploring the town I felt like stepping back into my childhood bedroom where so many stories from their book were told to me. I saw a castle, mermaids, wizards, witches, talking cats and mouses, wolves and so many more figures that triggered the imagination of children around the world. A magical afternoon in a town of fairytales. I ended the day spending time in the devil's hole... MUHAHAHAAAAA 😈😈😈 What's your favourite Grimm story? #FrankfurtChallenge with @spessartimglueck @visitfrankfurt @germanytourism #VisitFrankfurt #DestinationChallenges
Een bericht gedeeld door Bjorn Troch (@thesocialtraveler) op

Een bericht gedeeld door Bjorn Troch (@thesocialtraveler) op

Spessart im Glück

I had to find minimum six of the following Puss in Boots items: a tomcat, boot, mill, donkey, partridge, king, bag, grains, lake, carriage, wizard, mouse and field. 

Steinau an der strasse mill
1. The Mill

The wizard from Brothers Grimm Steinau an der strasse
2. The wizard

Tomcat playing with mouse from brothers Grimm hometown Steinau an der strasse
3 & 4. Mouse and Tomcat

Brothers Grimm donkey from steinau an der strasse
5. Donkey

King for a day at brothers Grimm museum in Steinau an der strasse
6. King? :-) Doesn't a throne make you king? 7. My hand is on a sac of grains ;-)
puss in boots at brother grimms house
7. a Tomcat with boots
It's this lady that told most stories to the Brothers Grimm

striking the pose with the brothers Grimm
Stricking the pose with them brothers Grimm :-)
A lot of the items I found at the Brother Grimm's museum in the heart of Steinau an der Strasse. A must visit when you're in town. ;-)

The hell hole of Steinau an der Strasse

A little bit out of town there's another mysterious place called 'Teufelshöhle' which literally means 'Devil's cave'. 

The place was discovered back in the days when a cow suddenly disappeared. The villagers at that time believed that the devil took it while the cow actually just fell into the cave.

Where I stayed in Spessart

In Spessart I stayed at Hotel Betz in Bad Soden Salmuenster.

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