25 Sept 2017

Mainz, the City of Knowledge by the Rhine

Mainz am Rhein aka the city of Knowledge, is a vibrant city by the Rhine that decided to put me and my community of friends and followers to the test with Destination Challenges.

I got 5 little tasks to solve and they took me all around the city...

1 Walk of Fame

Mainz is a city known for Cabaret and they have a walk of Fame where I had to find 3 famous Cabaretiers. You can find it right by the Proviant Magazin: https://goo.gl/maps/JVdmnfQVSbH2

Walk of Fame in Mainz

star on the walk of fame in Mainz

a star on the walk of fame in Mainz

2. Blue and Red street name signs

I had to figure out why some street name signs were blue and others red. I learned from a local that the blue ones go parallel with the river Rhine and the red ones go towards the river.

Blue and red street name signs in Mainz

3. Kalte Loch

My 3rd task was to figure out where I could find the 'Kalte Loch'. Now apparently it's a little alley which is known to be drafty just by the cathedral. A local walked me all the way there. Friendly people here in Mainz!

kalte loch, a windy alley by the Mainz Cathedral

Friendly local from Mainz that showed me around

4. Mainz Cathedral

You find this wonderful cathedral in the heart of the old town. The red stone makes it stand out.
Find the Mainz Cathedral here: https://goo.gl/maps/HCfovgNDgHG2

Mainz red stone Cathedral

The Mainz Cathedral as seen from below

5. Gutenberg Museum

Mainz is known as the 'City of Knowledge' and that's mainly because Mainz was home to Gutenberg the inventor of the first mechanical book print press. His invention sparked a knowledge revolution around Europe and the world.

You can learn all about it at the Gutenberg Museum: https://goo.gl/maps/LnSkj9Bh15y

Gutenberg statue in Mainz am Rhein

Gutenberg capital letters in front of Gutenberg museum in Mainz

Gutenberg capital letters in front of Gutenberg museum in Mainz

Some more impressions of Mainz

Mainz main square 

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