21 Sept 2017

With a steam train to the heart of Harz

taking a steam train to the heart of Harz

One of the coolest experiences in the Harz mountain area was taking a steam train to a place called Brocken, the very top of the mountain range in the heart of Germany.

You hear the train approaching from far and you just get overwhelmed with joy when you finally see it. It's like stepping back in time and boarding for a magical adventure to the top of Brocken which was a place where witches held a yearly gathering... How cool is that!

I made a little video for you ;-)

Wernigerode steam train stop
I started my journey from the 'Wernigerode Hochschule Harz' stop.

The steam train ready for his journey to Brocken, the heart of Harz
Blowing off some steam before the uphill adventure starts!

Steam train on his uphill journey to Brocken, the heart of Harz
Spent most of my time outside enjoying the views and the steam train sounds :-)

Brocken, the highest point of the Harz mountain range

These stones were used as an altar by Witches that yearly gathered in Brocken
The Social Traveler with the steam train at Brocken the top of the Harz mountains

❤ The heart of #Harz ❤ Where a steam train takes you on a ride through nature and into a world of wonder where knights defended kingdoms & witches gathered on top of a mountain. It's in #Wernigerode that I jumped on board of the steam train that took me to the highest point of the Harz region called #Brocken. There you can find rare flowers and an ancient witch altar. To be honest it felt like I stepped right into some kind of Harry Potter story. The view up there is just astounding. No wonder witches chose it as their yearly gathering spot. Big thanks btw to Jan Zander from @einharzmtb for letting me use his epic sunset shot. From the top I took the train back to cute and medieval Wernigerode that is watched over by a magnificent castle on the hill. Wandering around town it felt like you could bump into a knight at any time. I just wandered and wondered a little bit more đŸ˜‰ More in the pictures as usual... #HarzChallenge with @harzerleben Germany Tourism #GermanyChallenge #DestinationChallenges
Een bericht gedeeld door Bjorn Troch (@thesocialtraveler) op

If you're ever in the region do not miss out on this experience! You can find more info about it here

During my visit in the Harz mountains I stayed at the Hasseröder Burghotel in Wernigerode. Below my HYPERTOUR about it.

Have you ever took this steam train to the top? Don't hesitate to share your story with us in the comments. ;-)

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