4 Jul 2018

Freudenberg: The cutest half timbered houses town in Germany

Freudenberg the cutest fachwerkhaus town in Germany

I'm a fan of fachwerkhaus aka timber framing houses!

They have a certain charm about them and via my Destination Challenges in NRW I discovered a whole bunch of them on a cute little hill in Freudenberg, Germany. Really the perfect spot for a romantic stroll through its narrow streets.

Let me show you how it looks. I took some photos ;-)

streets of fachwerkhaus town Freudenberg in NRW, Germany

Freudenberg Fachwerkhauses through the rear view mirror

a rose in the streets of fachwerk haus town Freudenberg

The Social Traveler Bjorn Troch in fachwerkhaus town Freudenberg

Instagram photo of the day

Rose striking the pose in the streets of Freudenberg :-)

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Destination Challenges in NRW - Facebook Log 

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Where I was staying in Siegen

Pfeffermuehle hotel in Siegen

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