5 Jul 2018

Drachenburg, legendary castle of dragon slayer Siegfried

Ever heard the legend of Siegfried the dragonslayer? He became invincible after slaying a dragon and bathing in its blood. He only had one weak spot on his body because part of his skin was covered by a leaf while he was bathing in the dragon's blood. This would also lead to his demise.

Now the place where all this happened was on the top of Drachenfells rock which you can find in Königswinter. On this hill you will also find the magnificent Drachenburg castle. Absolutely one of the most impressive castles I've seen in Germany.

I discovered it via my Destination Challenges in the NRW region.

Watch my vlog about it below and discover some more photos of this stunning place.

Drachenburg photo log

I didn't know about the existence of this impressive castle so I had a beautiful day discovering and learning everything about Darchenburg castle.

drachenfells funicular train to Drachenburg castle and the top

cute drachenfells train to Drachenburg castle

the beautiful garden of Drachenburg castle on dragenfells rock
Absolutely loved the garden of Drachenburg castle

dear outside drachenburg castle on drachenfells rock

mosaic window inside drachenburg castle

cute room inside Drachenburg castle on dragenfells rock

Living room in drachenburg castle with secret doors

mural at drachenburg castle on drachenfells rock

Rubens and Rembrand at Drachenburg castle

stairs in drachenburg tower

the social traveler at drachenburg castle

view over the Rhine from Drachenfells rock

Drachenburg Instagram photo 

Below my favourite Instagram photo from my visit to Drachenburg castle. If you like to follow my social travel adventures in the moment make sure to check out my Instagram Stories and become part of the adventure ;-)

Destination Challenges at Drachenfells - Facebook log

I discover places by tackling Destination Challenges with the help of friends and followers from around the world. Find out below how I found my way direction Drachenfells.

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Where I stayed in Bonn

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