3 Jul 2018

FUN outdoor activities to do in Sauerland, North Rhine-Westfalia

Looking for nature and fun outdoor in the NRW region? Then Sauerland is the place to be !

My Destination Challenges in Sauerland helped me discover the beautiful lake 'Möhnesee' aka 'Westfalisches Meer' and the hills of Winterberg where I went mini golfing and mountain biking at Erlebnisberg Kappe.

It's needless to say that I spent an active day.

You can watch everything in the following YouTube video and photos below.

Paddle boating at Möhnesee

The lake is perfect for spending time with friends and family on the water. There are several places where you can rent a kayak, paddle boat, motor boat or a sail boat. My challenge here was to cross the lake in a boat of my choosing.

I thought a paddle boat would probably be the easiest and fastest but boy was I wrong. They only had a paddle boat for 4 people and you can imagine that you have to paddle a bit harder to make it across :-).

boat rental pier at Möhnesee, Sauerland, NRW

Sailboat at Möhnesee, Sauerland, NRW

The Social Traveler Paddle boating at Möhnesee, Sauerland, NRW
That's not a smile on my face :-)

The glowing hills of Sauerland

Driving Rose on the winding roads of Sauerland hills was pure joy. You feel like gliding through the landscape. Ideal if you like to cruise through nature.

Vintage van cruising the winding hills of Sauerland, NRW, Germany

glowing hills of Sauerland, NRW, Germany

Fun at Erlebnisberg Kappe

I made my way to Winterberg where I found the 'Erlebnisberg Kappe'.

It's like an amusement park that offers all kind of activities. There was a BMX and luge circuit which gets the adrenaline pumping and I got challenged to a full blown mini golf competition. :-)

I lost...

BMX circuit at Erlebnisberg Kappe, Winterberg, Sauerland, NRW

My adversary at Erlebnisberg Kappe

The Social Traveler Bjorn Troch playing mini golf at Erlebnisberg Kappe at Winterberg, Sauerland, NRW

Golf ball at Mini golf terrain at Erlebnisberg Kappe, Winterberg, Sauerland

Mini golf terrain at Erlebnisberg Kappe at Winterberg, Sauerland, NRW
Mini golf geometry

Yup. I lost... Will have to train some more :-)
To forget about my horrible defeat we decided to go mountain biking in the area around Erlebnisberg Kappe.

Man... was I out of shape. The fun part of mountain biking is definitely the racing down the mountain through the forest! You can watch us in action in the YouTube video at the top of this post ;-)

Mountain biking around Erlebnisberg Kappe, Winterberg, Sauerland, NRW, Germany

The Social Traveler Bjorn Troch mountain biking at Erlebnisberg Kappe, winterberg, Sauerland, NRW
Everything went downhill from here ;-)

Instagram Photo of the day

Rose, my van, is sooo photogenic. Here she's striking the pose in the forests of Sauerland.
You can find more photos of her on Instagram via #RoseOnTheRoad

Destination Challenges in NRW - Day 2 - Facebook Log

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Where I stayed in Sauerland

Close to Erlebnisberg Kappe I found the hostel below.

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