28 Mar 2018

Exploring the castles of Münsterland in NRW

Münsterland castles tour

Little did I know that there are so many castles to be found in the Münsterland region of North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany. On my 3rd Destination Challenge in the region I had to find minimum 5 different castles.

I quickly got a list of locations on Facebook so Rose and I went on a little castle hunt around Münsterland. Apparently the region is sprinkled with over a hundred castles.

Find out which castles I found below...

Münsterland Castles

Vischering Castle

Definitely the most fairy tale like and cute castle I found on my little quest around Münsterland.

Vischering Castle in Münsterland

Vischering Castle from its side in Münsterland

Burg Lüdinghausen

Not so far from Vischering castle you find Burg Lüdinghausen. To be honest this castle impressed me the least on my castle tour around Münsterland.

Burg Lüdinghausen in Münsterland

Nordkirchen Castle

Wow, just wow! The Nordkirchen castle is as impressive as majestic! It's located on it's own domain that is accessible to the public so it's a wonderful place to go for a walk or bike ride. Highly recommended!

Nordkirchen castle in Münsterland

The Sfynx of Nordkirchen castle in Münsterland

Nordkirchen castle in Münsterland from the side

Schloss Lembeck

This castle I found the coolest. It's privately owned so you can't enter but only the entrance alone is worth a quick stop over ;-)

Schloss Lembeck entrance

Schloss Lembeck in Münsterland entrance

Sport Schloss Velen

The last castle to discover on my castle adventure around Münsterland was Sport schloss Velen. Not only it's open for a visit it's also turned into a hotel and I was invited to stay there! Soooo cool :-)

Sportschloss in Velen

Wanna see how it looks inside? Check out the hypertour I made at sport schloss Velen ;-)

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