29 Mar 2018

The Ruhr district Halde art installations

Fan of art and hiking? Then you'll have an amazing time in the Ruhr district in North Rhine-Westphalia. You can find a bunch of enormous art installations on top of mountains aka 'Halde' in different places across 'Das Ruhrgebiet'.

My 4th Destination Challenge in NRW was to find 3 of them and to pay them all a visit.

Here's what I found...

Ruhr Gebiet art installations

Halde Tiger & Turtle in Duisburg

I absolutely love this art work! It's basically like a roller coaster for pedestrians on top of a hill in Duisburg. You see it from afar curling on top of that hill and you just can't resist to check it out.

Tiger and Turtle in Duisburg from my T2 Westfalia van

The Tiger and Turtle art installation in Duisburg is so intriguing

Who can tell me why it's called Tiger and Turtle? I honestly don't see it :-)

The Tiger and Turtle art installation in the heart of Duisburg

Tiger and Turtle art installation close up of the looping
You can't complete the pedestrian roller coaster because gravity isn't on your side at the looping :-)

I made a hyperlapse video going for a 'ride' on this roller coaster for pedestrians :-)

Halde Tetraeder in Bottrop

This installation would fit in perfectly at Burning Man and is absolutely intimidating and high! It might not look like it in the picture but going up on the stairs isn't for the faint of hearts. The stairs are see through all the way to the top and the structure moves along with the wind a bit. 

I assure you, quite the rush! ;-)

Tetraeder art installation in Dottrop, Ruhr gebiet, NRW

Tetraeder art installation in Bottrop in Ruhrgebiet, NRW, Germany

Halde Rheinelbe in Gelsenkriche

This one was a bit more tricky to find since it's a bit hidden from sight. You first have to hike through a little forest to find the Halde Rheinelbe a huge pile of rocks organized on top of a hill in Gelsenkirche.

Not my favorite to be honest but the view from the top is quite impressive and I got rewarded with a half rainbow to celebrate a completed challenge :-)

Halde Rheinelbe in Gelsenkirche, Ruhr district, NRW, Germany

view from the Halde Rheinelbe in Gelsenkirchen, ruhr district, NRW, Germany

There are 8 'Halde' with art installations to be found in the Ruhr district so go and try to collect them all ;-) Here's a little list where you can find all of them

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