27 Jul 2012

Village Health and Community Development project in Cambodia

Village Health and Community Development project in Cambodia supported by The Social Traveler

Village Health and Community Development is the third charity project that I support. It's located in Cambodia and I visited it during my Tandem Challenge. I went there with +Hannah Jewitt whom I met at a hostel in Phnom Penh. It was quite an adventure to get there and also our stay in the little village was quite remarkable.

But let me tell you about the project. It was introduced to me by +Tahlia Seymour whom I met 2 years before in Morocco. She herself invested a lot of time and money in the village 100 km south of Phnom Penh.

Thalia introduced me to +Veroncia Ventura who runs 'Village Health and Community Development organisation.

Their mission statement on their website goes like this:
Our Mission is to bring health care to the school children of Cambodia by establishing clinics directly on the school campus. We have initiated 6 programs.
They basically build a clinic and library next to the school where they then employ nurses and provide books for the library. This is extremely important since these little villages are very remote.

Getting there from the mainroad took about 20 minutes on a scooter over winding dirt roads. These structures really make a big difference for the villagers living around the school.

Open the post to discover what already happened.


Renovation of a Clinic in Koh Dach

Before Renovation of a Clinic in Koh Dach Cambodia via the social traveler

After Renovation of a Clinic in Koh Dach Cambodia via the social traveler

$ 1000 was donated via the 'Cycle for Charity' fundraiser in Amsterdam organized by +Melanie Djiauw
More information about the Koh Dach project here.

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  1. Such a great informative post, I’ve just written a new post about PND and a small part of my experience with it. There is so much support out there, women shouldn’t feel afraid to admit they’re struggling.Corey