28 Jul 2012

WANTED: Social Brands & Companies.

Currently I'm tackling the hardest challenge I ever got. I'm cycling +5000 km from Kuala Lumpur to Hong Kong on a tandem bike with whoever feels like joining me on the bicycle. I call that a Tandem Buddy. The journey takes me across Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam & China. Along my trajectory I support 5 small charities, 1 in every country.

My current Status

I'm in Cambodia at the moment and I have a bit more than 2000 km, 2 bicycles, 2 countries, 2 charities, 8 tandem buddies, 15 flat tires, 6 broken chains, 25 bicycle shops, and countless amazing experiences behind me :-)

People have been part of my social travel adventure for already 2 years. They guided, joined, invited, me. Introduced me to friends and families and helped me during many challenges.

Recently also brands and companies started to become part of my social travel adventure.

So how do brands and companies become part of this adventure? 

They can support a certain amount of km from my trajectory at $1 or €1/km (depending on where the company's from, just to keep things simple). Up until today I found 2 cool companies operating in social media that supported me on my journey for about 3000 km.

1000 km by AGX, a digital agency from Belgium |
Read about it: http://www.agx.eu/social-media/the-social-traveler

2000 km by Engagor, a social media management tool |
Read about it: http://engagor.com/engagor-supports-%E2%80%98the-social-traveler%E2%80%99/

During the trajectory that they sponsor I tag, link (@, +) them as a supporter in live updates on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ thus reaching more than 10.000 friends and followers from around the world. I also add them to the blogposts, video episodes that cover that part of the journey. 

They're also part of a unique social travel project around the world and help me making it to the finish line. Learn more about my goal by clicking here

For companies it's also a nice opportunity to get some attention in the press and help me in supporting different small charities around the world 

Any Social Brands, Companies out there?

Unfortunately I'm running out of funding due to many problems with the bike and some unexpected events. This is my second bike and also on this one almost everything has been replaced already. I URGENTLY need 3000 km more sponsored to make it to Hong Kong. Otherwise I'm afraid I'll have to CUT SHORT my challenge in a few weeks... And believe me, the last thing I want to do is give up!!!


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