28 Jul 2014

Running out of gas on a Canadian Highway

Is not as bad as it sounds. Here's what happened...

I was invited to Shediac for a Lobster boat tour so I left Fredericton with my fuel gauge indicating I had over 25% left so I was planning to gas up on the highway.
I hit the road direction Moncton enthusiast about getting on a Lobster boat.
After a few minutes the engine started chugging... Noooooo... I was going uphill and barely made it to the top where the engine gave up on me... Full stop :-)
Things like this always happen when you have to be somewhere!
So I didn't hesitate and put on my fourway flashers, grabbed my jerrycan and positioned myself next to the road waving at cars passing.
Within a minute a truck pulled over. Unfortunately he didn't have any gas with him but he offered to drive me to a service station. Getting back with the gas would be tricky so I thanked him and went back to hailing cars.
Again within minutes a car stops. Same scenario as last one so I thanked them as well and went back to 'work'.
With the next car that pulled over I got lucky!
Steve, the driver, offered to drive me to the service station and back. This way I would maybe still get in time to Shediac.
Steve told me it happened a few time to him as well and that he's happy to help out.
Great guy that connected with me on Facebook afterwards to check if I made it in time, which I did, and he also invited me for a beer in Fredericton if I ever make it back there.
So Steve if I make it back to Freddy, we're going for beers and I'm buying ;-)
See you when I get there!

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