28 Jul 2014

On a Lobster Role in Shediac

I made it in time still to Shediac for the Lobster 'cruise' I was invited for by Rose. She was accompanied by Rosie, a UK journalist and her son Lucien from London. Mother and son on an adventure across New Brunswick together. Beautiful!

We boarded and went on an educational boat trip about the Lobster. Turns out that Shediac is one of the most renowned Lobster fishing places in the world.
We learned how to recognize male and female lobsters, how the fishing happens, how they should be cooked, that they are best served on their back and how to crack them up to get the most meat out of them.
The last part was very interesting since it's not that hard at all. A few twists and cracks at the right places and tadaaa you're ready to digg in and so we did.
Best Lobster I ever ate by far! Very juicy and rich of taste.
I enjoyed the cruise a lot and the captain was a pretty cool guy. Entertaining and educating at the same time. :-)
The day after I went to the Lobster museum where I got some more insights on the life of the lobster. That they are their own worst enemy since they are cannibalistic, that when they survive they keep growing and aging and that there are peculiar cases of skin mutations.
I added pictures below ;-)
My knowledge on lobsters was all cranked up and that would turn out VERY useful for my next stop: Saint John...

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