27 Sept 2014

Canada road trip: Québec City 📸 Favorite Instagram photos

Canada road trip Quebec city

Québec City, where the Saint Lawrence river narrows. 

A city that was the gate for many Europeans arriving in Canada. You live and breath this European spirit when you stroll the narrow streets filled with history and beautiful architecture.

Find my favorite Instagram photos from the city below.

• Zodiac River Jam • #tstStories Back in Québec city I was invited for a guitar lesson on a Zodiac boat from Excursions Maritimes Québec.  Definitely one of the coolest guitar lessons so far. My teacher for the day was Gaston Giroux. A man with a big joie de vivre and a professional musician. Check him out here: www.gastongiroux.com We jumped onboard and Captain Yves took us on a tour on the Saint Lawrence river.  He told us about the fake diamonds of Québec, showed us the place where the English came to land to attack the French.  Teached us how ships synchronize their clocks and explained us about the cruise industry that brings thousands of tourists to the city.  We then found a spot in the middle of the river, turned off the engine and Gaston taught me the chords of 'Les Ailes d'un Ange' with the city in the background.  It goes like this: Un, deux... trois, quatre... cinq, six... sept... QUÉBEC! :-) A fun and beautiful experience! Will post a short video next.  This afternoon I'm having a guitar meetup in #Montréal at Monument à Sir George-Étienne Cartier http://goo.gl/maps/wE675 If you're around do swing by for some guitar fun :-) • #tstCanada with @explorecanada @quebecregion • #tstGuitar with @gibsonguitar • #ExploreCanada #Quebecregion • #SocialTravel #Travel #Canada #Québec •
Een foto die is geplaatst door Bjorn Troch (@thesocialtraveler) op

• Silence of the Moose • #tstStories We made it just in time to #Montmorency forest and jumped on the bus to track down some moose.  Our guide Pierre 'Le Loup', who clearly lives for his job, was a joy to be around.  He explained us about the mosaic plantation of the forest and that 25% of the forest is young and that's where the Moose hang out to feed.  So that's where we went.  Rule number 1 for our into the wild adventure: UTMOST SILENCE! Moose are very skiddish and hear twice as good as humans. That's how they survive. If they hear something unfamiliar, the run! So no talking, camera clicks or zipping clothes.  Pierre told us there was a lot of activity since it was mating time.  Our first stop was a scouting tower. We went in group in one line as quiet as possible. Climbing the wooden platform baby step by baby step. We stayed for some time but no moose in sight.  So off to spot number 2 where we hid behind trees and just waited for over an hour. Trying not to make a sound. Unfortunately one guy in our group didn't grasp the concept of silence too well. He walked around, snapped pictures and was frequently sneezing :-) Again, no moose in sight. Maybe they heard us?  The sun was setting and that's the best time to spot them. So Pierre took us to spot number 3: the lake.  He saw some females there the day before so the males should go there as well for a moose party. After all it's mating season. :-) We arrived at the lake and on our way there Pierre saw wolf tracks. Clearly we are not the only ones in search for the moose.  We found a little platform in the water and decided to wait there. The night was falling and suddenly we heard something on the other side of the lake entering the water.  We looked, saw a shade and suddenly... a familiar sneeze sounded.  The moose ran and we decided to call it a day.  Loved exploring the forest like this and it didn't end there.  Pierre invited us to his cabin in the woods. That post is up next ;-) • #tstCanada with @explorecanada & @quebecregion • #ExploreCanada #Quebecregion • #SocialTravel #Travel #Canada #Québec • #wildlife #moose •
Een foto die is geplaatst door Bjorn Troch (@thesocialtraveler) op

• Cabin in the woods • #tstStories After our Moose adventure Pierre 'Le Loup' invited us over to his cabin in the woods to have dinner and guitar fun with his friends.  We followed him on a narrow road in the pitch black through the Forest and guess what... 2 Moose were standing in the middle of the road so we finally ended up seeing some.  Unfortunately they ran off as soon as we got closer so no time to take a picture... At the cabin we sat around the campfire, talked, cooked dinner and played guitar. I can't express enough what a great experience this was.  In the middle of nature, surrounded by forest and wildlife, a clear sky with the brightest stars and beautiful people that welcomed us with open arms.  We ate, oh my god we ate. Such a simple but beautiful meal!  We sang, oh my god we sang. I felt super confident on the guitar and I really felt for the first time that I can actually play. A feeling of accomplishment and gratitude fell over me.  Truly a magical experience!  A big thx to Pierre, Julie and their friends for this! Really amazing people! • #tstCanada with @explorecanada @quebecregion • #tstGuitar with @gibsonguitar • #ExploreCanada #Quebecregion #Gibson • #SocialTravel #Travel #Canada #Québec #Guitar •
Een foto die is geplaatst door Bjorn Troch (@thesocialtraveler) op

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