5 Oct 2014

Canada road trip: Ottawa 📸 Favorite Instagram photos

Canada road trip Ottawa skyline

Ottawa, the capital of Canada and a lovely city to explore. 

Beautiful architecture, an amazing market with delicious food and a great atmosphere. You find rivers and canals all over which makes it a great place for hikes and to be in touch with nature in the middle of the city. Plus it's a great place to learn about Canadian history and nature!

Find my favorite Instagram photos below ;-)

Steve & Robin • #tstHosts In #Ottawa, Aude and I were hosted by Steve and Robin.  I met Steve a first time in St John's, Newfoundland where he was touring with his band The Red Rails. They saw me practicing on a parking lot and asked me what I was doing. We had a little chat and I went to see their concert that eve. Loved it! Have been playing their cd while driving a lot.  Check em out! http://www.theredrails.com Steve got in touch when he saw I was on my way to Ottawa and invited us to stay with them.  A beautiful couple with the heart at the right place. We felt very welcome and at home.  Good times!  PS: Robin is an awesome cook! ••• Currently updating from Calgary. Follow the adventure as it happens via Twitter: @Social_Traveler. • #tstCanada with @ottawatourism @ontariotravel & @explorecanada • #tstGuitar with @gibsonguitar • #MyOttawa #ExploreCanada #DiscoverOn #Gibson •  #SocialTravel #Travel #Canada #Ontario •
Een foto die is geplaatst door Bjorn Troch (@thesocialtraveler) op

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