27 Aug 2014

Canada road trip: Newfoundland 📸 Favorite Instagram photos

Canada road trip Newfoundland gros morne national park

Here's a collection of my favorite Newfoundland Instagram photos from my Canada road trip.

Have you ever been or heard of this Majestic Island on the very East of Canada? 

Newfoundland is definitely one of my favorite destinations in Canada. I just loved exploring its raw and pure beauty; reminded me a bit from when I was exploring New Zealand. 

Find my favorite Instagram photos below... ;-)

The Labrador and Newfoundland

This is how they Row

Islands Rock

Bell's Rock Band

Rose and The Gang in St. John's

Whales & Tales

Bonavista Cape

Rugged Rocks

soooo Cute

Devine Trinity

Meeting the Chief

• Visiting Mi'kmaq Chief Misel Joe in #ConneRiver • Yesterday I was invited by first nation Chief Misel Joe. Such an honor. Thank you Dave Hill and Kendall for introducing me. So I made my way to Conne River. It's located in the South of Newfoundland and there's only one road going there. 150 km of nothingness through the forest with the occasional potholes. A big test for the van :-) When I arrived I was warmly greeted and welcomed by the Chief. He showed me around the Community Center and we then sat down for a coffee and a chat. The stories he told me! To commemorate their culture he and his brothers take on adventures where they do things the traditional way. I'll give you 2 examples. He once did a trek together with 2 tribe members from Conne River to St. John's for a convention. It's about 400 km cross country. No roads were used. They did the journey the traditional way in 33 days. No maps, no electronics. Just traditional gear, fishing and hunting for food and using the sun to navigate. Wow! That's some serious heart and resolve right there. But that's not all. Then he told me that they once paddled a traditional birch bark (wooden) canoe from Conne River all the way to Nova Scotia. Across the ocean! I was listening to this with mouth wide open. This took them a bit over a month and also here they survived by fishing and hunting. Also apparently they canoed mostly at night since the water is calmer then. What a brave man. Respect! We talked more about his culture and traditions, he introduced me to colleagues & friends and we had many laughs and stories to share. After that I left happy and honored direction #Twillingate. All the way up North and another 300 km drive from there. That's where I am now and is truly beautiful out here. • #tstCanada with @explorecanada & @nfldandlabrador • #ExploreCanada #TravelNL • #SocialTravel #Travel #Canada #Newfoundland •
Een foto die is geplaatst door Bjorn Troch (@thesocialtraveler) op

Shore of Twilingate

Floating over Trinity

Sunset over Gros Morne

Mighty Fjord

Gros Morne Road Magic

Mirror Mirror on the road...

Stay on the path

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