9 Jul 2015

Leuven 360°

Let me tell you the story about my first mission in #Leuven

I got my first hint on where to go via Twitter

Turned out I had to look for a place with a 'beatle'... I asked a local and he pointed me in the direction of the Monseigneur Ladeuzeplein where somebody was waiting for me with an envelope. My first mission.

My mission: 'Take a 360° picture of Leuven from the tower of the university library'
I initially thought, piece of cake! But then I got up there...

There are pillars all around the tower. They are historic and beautiful pieces of art but they also kinda blocked the view :-) First I tried a panorama shot but because of the pillars it totally distorted the picture.

See. Pillars blocking the view!

So I reached out on Facebook and Twitter to find a way to work around this. Luckily Marco Buch from LIFE IS A TRIP came to the rescue. He told me about the Google camera app which has a 360° picture function. 

That was exactly what I needed indeed. Thank you Marco, virtual high fives coming your way!!!

I downloaded the app and got to work. It took me about 1 hour up there to come up with a decent 360° shot. In that time the bells went off right next to me (freaking loud :-)), then it started raining and the wind was picking up. Note to self: Next time dress warmer...

Anyway. After about 15 walks, tries around the tower I got the shot I wanted! 

For the next part of the mission I had to get 50 likes for the picture on Facebook. That panned out pretty well. It even crossed the 100 likes barrier. 
A big thanks to all of you out there for the help and thumbs up ;-)

Here's the proof.

This was really tricky to capture but I eventually managed. Ladies and gentlemen I present you #Leuven 360. Now hit...
Posted by The Social Traveler on Thursday, July 9, 2015

If you're not part of Facebook gang yet please do join and become part of this adventure. ;-)

Mission accomplished!

As usual here's my favorite picture of that day. I took it inside the University Library. They sure knew how to build stairs back in the day.

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