18 May 2017

Destination Challenges in Catalunya

Destination Challenges in Catalonia

My first Catalunya Challenge took me off the beaten path in Catalunya deep into nature. What an adventure it was!

Together with Friends and Followers I tackled 10 missions and I discovered so many wonderful places that I never even heard about before.

Below the different missions Catalunya had in store for me.

Go canyoning in Horta de Sant Joan

My first mission made me dive right in to the adventure! I followed the Canaletes river through a canyon near Horta de Sant Joan. Read all about it here...

Canyoning in Horta de Sant Joan, Catalonia

Cycle an abandoned train track

Probably one of the coolest bicycle rides I ever did! I followed an old train track aka via verde next to the Canaletes river. Read all about it here...

Cycling the Via Verde in Horta de Sant Joan, Catalonia

Cook with Albert Guzman in Sant Carles de la Rapita 

I fetched fresh mussels at the local mussel bank and cooked up a paella with talented chef Albert Guzman and his team. #NomNomNom. Read all about it here...

Cooking paella with Albert Guzman in Sant Carles de la Rapita, Catalonia

Go truffle hunting in the Prades mountains

Such a unique and fun activity. We immersed ourselves in nature with some cute but very skilled dogs and dug up a lot of deliciousness. Read all about it here...

Truffle hunting with dogs in the prades mountains Catalonia

Hike Cistercian route from Poblet to Vallbona de Las Monjas

There was a little catch though. I had to do it with a basket filled with vegetables offered from the monks of Poblet to the sisters of Vallbona de Las Monjas. Read about it here...

Cistercian route hiking from poblet to vallbona de las monjas Catalonia

Go Paragliding in Ager

Made it to the top of a cliff, got to the edge of it and suddenly I felt the wind pick us up and we started gliding through the air while taking in the beautiful landscape below and around us. This is the closest I ever felt to flying like a bird. Read all about it here...

Paragliding in Ager Catalonia

Ride a horse at Estany d'Ivers lake

I had to find the lake at first. Once there a horse was waiting for me and I had to ride it, bareback. My very first horse riding experience. Read all about it here...

Horse riding at Estany de'Ivers lake in Catalonia

Climb Elephant rock in Montserrat 

Definitely the scariest mission I tackled in Catalunya. I had to make it to the very top of the Elephant rock and I can tell you that I experienced some real fear. I really had to overcome it to make it to the top. Read all about it here...

Climbing Elephant rock in Montserrat, Catalonia

Make Ratafia in Santa Coloma de Farners 

Ratafia is a herbal liquor typical for Catalunya. I had to learn how to make it and make my own with herbs I collected along the way. Read all about it here...

Making Ratafia in Santa de Coloma de Farners Catalonia

Visit flower festival Temps de Flors in Girona 

Every year Girona blooms with art collections inspired by flowers. I paid a quick visit and took some colorful shots. You can find them here...

Flower festival Temps de Flors in Girona Catalonia

Go Kayaking in Colomer

Exactly what I needed after some really intense days bouncing around Catalunya. The silence during my kayak trip was deafening and very relaxing at the same time. Loved it...

Kayaking in Colomers near Girona Catalonia

Go bird watching in L'Estartit 

I went on a hunt for the 'Great Tit' and 'The Kentish Plover' on the magnificent L'Estartit beach with the Islas Medas islands in the background. So much fun...

Bird watching in L'Estartit Catalonia

Explore Malgrat de Mar on a mountain bike

I had to find 3 landmarks during a 30 km bike ride in the Malgrat de Mar area. Join me for the ride here...

Mountain biking Montnegre in Malgrat de Mar Catalonia

Destination Challenges in Catalonia videos ;-)

All videos from my missions on the Catalunya Challenge below for your viewing pleasure. If you like what you see then please do subscribe to my YouTube Channel :-)

Be part of the adventure 

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