22 Apr 2016

Pottery making challenge in Quart

My second mission took me to a little village called Quart just outside of Girona. It's there that I discovered the art of pottery making...

20 Apr 2016

Costa Brava and Pyrenees Challenge

Just arrived in Girona to take on some awesome missions in the city but also at the famous Costa Brava coast and in the Pyrenees mountains...

13 Aug 2015

The Chinese Wall

No no, not the one in China but the one in #Utrecht :-)

Let me tell you the story about my first Mission in Utrecht. I'm writing this up in the air above the Rockies on a bumpy flight to the Yukon btw.

14 Jul 2015

14th of July Eiffel Tower fireworks fun

In the late afternoon of the 14th of July I got my second mission and it was a tricky one...