15 Aug 2016

Cycling the Werratal region on the German Green Belt

The Werratal region is a heaven for cycling. We could cycle mostly by the river and passed many other cyclists along the way. Everytime we got a friendly smile and hello.

Tandem buddies on this part of the Green Belt aka 'Das Grune Band' were Volker and Lorene. We visited Witzenhausen, Bad Sooden Allendorf and Eschwege on our way and also paid a visit to Grenzmuseum Schifflersgrund which left quite the impression on us.

Watch the 4 videos from our adventures in the Werratal region below
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13 Aug 2016

Cycling from Wolfsburg to Gottingen on The Green Belt

Wolfsburg to Gottingen was such a beautiful and diverse cycling adventure.

I learned about Checkpoint Alpha in Helmstedt, threw spears like they did 300.000 years ago at the Palaon in Schoningen, met up with Til Eulenspiegel in Schoppenstedt for a fun ride to his birthplace, I learned all about Disc Golf and Jagermeister in Wolfenbuttel, mountainbiked in Harzburg, visited the oldest mine in the world in Goslar, I had so much bock (beer/fun) in Einbeck and I kissed a girl in Gottingen....

And that's not all. Watch the videos from my adventures with Till, Volker &Lorene below

7 Aug 2016

Cycling the Elberadweg on the Green Belt

From Lüneburg to the Autostadt in Wolfsburg we cycled mainly along the Elbe river which was the former natural border between West and Eastern Europe.

Tandem buddies on this part of the Green Belt aka 'Das Grune Band' were Birgitt Sorensen and Michael Vaes. We paid a visit to Hitzacker, a lovely town by the Elbe, to remote and peaceful Vietze, discovered the unique Rundling towns, visited brand new Hanseatic city Uelzen with it's world famous train station and in between we enjoyed the many beautiful and green sights...

3 Aug 2016

Cycling from Lubeck to Luneburg on the Green Belt

My Green Belt adventure across Germany kicked off in Lubeck with Birgitt.

So much fun we had on that bike together. We shared many laughs and beautiful views from Lubeck to Luneburg.

Watch the 2 videos from our adventures in Lubeck and Luneburg
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25 Apr 2016

Moments in Girona

Girona really took me by surprise. I received 5 missions in this beautiful medieval place and totally fell in love with the city and its people.

Below my favorite moments from during the Girona Challenge...