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12 Jan 2017

Breathtaking road trip moments on the USA West Coast

Driving down the West coast of the USA was nothing less than spectacular. Yaw dropping sights that made me sometimes stop in my tracks or literally had me drop my yaw in awe.

Let me share some of my favorite sights and pictures from my USA road trip adventure with Rose and in case you ever think about doing a road trip like this make sure not to miss route 101 and 395.

Hit the road Jack... or Jacqueline ;-)

15 Aug 2016

Cycling the Werratal region on the German Green Belt

The Werratal region is a heaven for cycling. We could cycle mostly by the river and passed many other cyclists along the way. Everytime we got a friendly smile and hello.

Tandem buddies on this part of the Green Belt aka 'Das Grune Band' were Volker and Lorene. We visited Witzenhausen, Bad Sooden Allendorf and Eschwege on our way and also paid a visit to Grenzmuseum Schifflersgrund which left quite the impression on us.

Watch the 4 videos from our adventures in the Werratal region below
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13 Aug 2016

Cycling from Wolfsburg to Gottingen on The Green Belt

Wolfsburg to Gottingen was such a beautiful and diverse cycling adventure.

I learned about Checkpoint Alpha in Helmstedt, threw spears like they did 300.000 years ago at the Palaon in Schoningen, met up with Til Eulenspiegel in Schoppenstedt for a fun ride to his birthplace, I learned all about Disc Golf and Jagermeister in Wolfenbuttel, mountainbiked in Harzburg, visited the oldest mine in the world in Goslar, I had so much bock (beer/fun) in Einbeck and I kissed a girl in Gottingen....

And that's not all. Watch the videos from my adventures with Till, Volker &Lorene below