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25 Feb 2017

In search of a local delicacy on Tiger Island, Honduras

My last mission on the Honduras Challenge brought me to a stunning volcano island called Isla del Tigre aka Tiger Island where I had to find a local delicacy called 'Curiles'.

It's a tiny muscle that you can only eat for 24 hours after its catch. You usually share a plate with friends on the beach and have an ice cold beer on the side ;-)

The perfect way to end this fantastic adventure in Honduras... I'll be back one day for sure!

24 Feb 2017

Learning to make Baleadas from the best in Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Baleadas are the signature dish of Honduras and for my 4th mission on the Honduras Challenge I had to learn how to make them :-).

Luckily I found the lovely ladies of ´Baleadas Lourdes' willing to show me how it's done. These ladies make it look sooo easy...

You can watch me struggle in the video below.

I threw in some pictures of Tegucigalpa aka Tegus to compensate ;-)

22 Feb 2017

Sunrise delight at tropical Lake Yojoa (Lago de Yojoa), Honduras

Got up early to see the sunset over Lake Yojoa and I didn't regret it for one moment.

The sunrise happened and triggered a symphony of bird singing which made the moment even more special. The colours in the trees started showing and the warmth of the mild morning sun on my skin turned this little row boat adventure into a pure delight...