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31 Dec 2017

2017 Photo Diary

2017 has been absolutely spectacular!

I got to experience many road trip adventures with new found friends, visited 13 countries on 3 continents, tackled 55 Destination challenges in 6 countries, found love in Belgium with Babette and shipped my 'other love' Rose :-) to Belgium so we can road trip around Europe in 2018.

For your viewing pleasure find my 2017 photo diary below ;-)

Wishing you much love and travel adventures for 2018!

28 Sep 2017

A fairy tale adventure in Steinau an der Strasse, home of the brothers Grimm

Parked in front of the brothers Grimm house in Steinau an der strasse

Once upon a time 'Roos' and I ended up in a cute little town called Steinau an der Strasse, home of the brothers Grimm.

Visiting the town is like entering the fairy tale world of the brothers Grimm. You'll find famous fairy tale characters everywhere you look and at almost every corner I got catapulted back to my childhood bedroom memories.

Truly a magical place!

Did you know that the brothers Grimm didn't write the stories themselves? They basically collected legends and stories that were told in different German villages and beyond. They did this because they were afraid that otherwise these stories would get lost over time. They were responsible though for shaping the stories in a consistent ways and coined phrases like 'Once upon a time' and 'They lived happily ever after'...

For my destination challenges in Steinau an der Strasse I played the Spessart Im Glueck discovery game. How it works is that you visit the following website ( where you then generate your own fairy tale adventure.

Give it a try it's loads of fun :-)

For my Spessart im Glueck adventure I had to find minimum 6 items related to the 'Puss in Boots' fairy tale in Steinau an der Strasse.

Find out about my fairy tale adventure below...

5 Sep 2017

Visiting Zunft Kölsch brewery Bielstein in Das Bergische Land

The Zunft Kölsch brewery Bielstein in Das Bergische Land

What Altbier is for the Düsseldorf area is what Kölsch beer is for the Cologne area! 

For my second Destination Challenge in the North Rhein-Westphalia region I had to find an all above the ground Kölsch brewery in the middle of nature! 

It didn't take long for my friends and followers on social media to figure out that the place to be for me was the Bielstein brewery in Das Bergische Land which is known for its Zunft Kölsch beer. 

Kölsch is like Altbier a top fermented beer with a crisp and dry after taste and it's linked to the region just like for example Champagne is linked to the region where it's produced. 

I have to say that Kölsch is really a refreshing beer that goes down very easy. ;-)

Below my beer report of the day :-)

4 Sep 2017

Visiting Bolten, the oldest Altbier brewery in the world

Bolten alt beer brewery in Germany

'Find the oldest Altbier brewery in the world'! That was my first mission on my Destination Challenges road trip adventure around Germany.

As usual I got the answer fast from my awesome friends and followers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! They pointed me in the direction of Altbier brewery 'Bolten' in Korschenbroich.

Roos, my van, and I hit the road direction North Rhein-Westphalia!

Read all about what happened next below...

29 Jul 2017

Rotterdam Unlimited: Colours, beats and unbreakable smiles.

Rotterdam Unlimited is quite the spectacle! It brings the beautiful diversity of Rotterdam to its streets. The result is a colorful parade of smiles and beats. It's absolutely contagious and before you know it you're shaking your hips all over the streets of Rotterdam.

The first day you have the battle of the bands where brass bands compete for the title of best Rotterdam Unlimited brass band. The energy and dedicating coming from these brass bands is absolutely astonishing. Everybody gives their all in a collective and synchronized effort to win the hearts of the public.

The second day it's the Rotterdam Unlimited parade where you'll see people from literally all over the world celebrating their culture and folklore. This results in a sea of colors flooding harbor city Rotterdam.

Fun Fun Fun! Watch the video and pictures below ;-)